The Blog/News section of the Artifakt Gallery website serves as a dynamic platform for sharing compelling stories, updates, and insights related to our gallery and the broader realm of conflict zone art.

 Our Blog Posts offer in-depth articles penned by artists, curators, and experts in the field. These posts delve into various aspects of conflict zone art, from exploring specific themes and techniques to examining the role of art in shaping perceptions of conflict and resilience.

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Art Gallery News / Blog

The Art Gallery News segment provides updates on the latest happenings at Artifakt Gallery. From new exhibitions and artist collaborations to events and awards, this section keeps our audience informed about our ongoing activities and achievements.

Artifakt Gallery is committed to fostering an engaging dialogue about conflict zone art, and our Blog/News section is an important part of that mission.

The book Warzone Machinations by James Scott offers a detailed analysis of the various exploitation practices in war-torn areas.
Southeast Asian Warfare —This book delves into Southeast Asia’s complex history of warfare and conflict, as narrated through the lens of art.
Perseverance in Desolation presents a deep exploration of the complex challenges faced by the fictional region of Happyland.
Imperial Shadows by James Scott provides a harrowing account of the atrocities committed by Japan’s Unit 731 during World War II.
Bangsamoro Unveiled is an in-depth exploration of the complex history and evolving socio-political landscape of the Bangsamoro region.
From Rido to Resilience examines the intricate dynamics of rido (clan feuding) in Pikit, North Cotabato, and its widespread impact on society.
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Each blog post is meticulously researched and written, providing readers with insightful, thought-provoking content that enhances their understanding of conflict zone art.

Our gallery news updates are timely and informative, ensuring that our audience stays connected with Artifakt Gallery and our mission.

We invite our patrons and the wider public to explore our Blog/News section. Through this platform, Artifakt Gallery aims to shed light on the power and significance of conflict zone art, fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of this important facet of human expression.