In the realm of Artifakt Gallery, exhibitions serve as the heartbeats of our mission.

They are carefully curated collections, each a unique tapestry woven with threads of conflict, resilience, and the human spirit. These collections offer viewers a glimpse into the profound narratives often buried beneath the rubble of war.

Our Current Exhibitions page guides visitors through the labyrinth of our most recent collections. It provides a rich overview of the current showcases, detailing the artists involved, the inspiration behind their work, and the stories their creations narrate.

Upcoming Exhibition is a window into the future of Artifakt Gallery. It teases the exhibits poised to grace our halls and screens in the imminent future. Each listed exhibit is accompanied by a brief synopsis, offering a taste of the narratives yet to be unveiled.

The Past Exhibitions section serves as an archive, a testament to the legacy of Artifakt Gallery. Here, we pay homage to the artists and exhibitions that have graced our gallery in the bygone times. The tales these works told continue to resonate, their echoes immortalized in this digital hall of fame.

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Our exhibitions are a reflection of our commitment to sharing the raw, unfiltered realities of conflict zones. Each piece, each artist, and each exhibition is handpicked for their ability to push boundaries, to challenge perceptions, and to inspire dialogue.
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Artifakt Gallery is proud to present a diverse array of formats, encompassing traditional art forms, striking photography, and compelling films and animations. Each medium offers a different lens through which to view the complexities of war and conflict.

We strive to make these powerful narratives accessible to everyone. To this end, we offer both live and virtual exhibits, ensuring that regardless of geographical location, the stories we tell can reach all corners of the globe.

Immerse yourself in the world of Artifakt Gallery, where every exhibition is a journey into the heart of the conflict, into the depths of the human condition. Through the potent medium of art, we invite you to experience, to understand, and to engage with these narratives. Together, let us traverse the terrain of conflict and emerge enlightened.