About Us

In the crucible of Artifakt Gallery, transformation occurs. The silent tales of the hushed are amplified, their narratives resonating through the power of art, photography, and film.

We are not just a repository of art, but a beacon, piercing the murkiness of conflict to reveal the raw, unadulterated human condition.

Our inception was birthed from an ardent aspiration to illuminate the reality of the human spirit, reflected in the tumultuous waters of conflict. As time has marched on, our resolve has remained unwavering, ensuring these poignant narratives of survival and resilience are not lost to the annals of history.

At the core of our operations is an eclectic collective of individuals who share a common passion – art connoisseurs, chronicle keepers of history, and analysts of conflict. Their collective endeavor? To painstakingly curate exhibits that captivate not just the eye but stimulate the intellect. Our mission? To identify creators whose works defy the norm, interrogate the status quo, and spark meaningful dialogue.

artifakt gallery manila a man walking on the side street with poor people

Artifakt Gallery is more than a mere gallery. It is an agora for engagement, a platform for discourse, and a catalyst for societal transformation. Our influence echoes across the United States, Southeast Asia, Eastern Europe, and Latin America, engaging diverse audiences and enhancing our reach.

Kids enjoying their artistic man drawin in a white paper - artifakt gallery art
Our pledge goes beyond the confines of gallery walls. We take it upon ourselves to connect with communities, fostering appreciation and understanding of conflict zone art through educational initiatives, workshops, and enlightening lectures.

With our virtual exhibitions, we push past the restrictions of geography, making the compelling narratives we house accessible to all corners of the globe.

Artifakt Gallery stands as a monument to the indomitable human spirit. We extend an invitation to you, to accompany us on this journey, to observe the world through the eyes of those who’ve stared into the abyss of conflict and emerged with narratives of hope and resilience. As we delve into the untold stories of war, we may just pave the path to understanding and, ultimately, peace.