Artifakt Gallery extends the opportunity to bring a piece of our collections into your personal space through our well-stocked Shop.

Here, we offer a variety of items that encapsulate the spirit of our exhibits and the narratives they represent.

Our Prints and Replicas section offers high-quality reproductions of select artworks featured in our exhibits. Each item is carefully crafted to reflect the original, allowing patrons to appreciate these powerful narratives beyond the confines of the gallery.

artifakt-gallery- Nepal children
a shorts in a dark part of urban place with a women carrying a baby

In the Books and Catalogues segment, we provide a diverse range of publications, from exhibition catalogues to artist monographs and thematic books on conflict zone art. These resources serve as valuable companions to our exhibits, offering deeper insights into the works and their creators.

 Our Merchandise section features a range of items inspired by our exhibits, such as apparel, posters, postcards, and more. These items offer a unique way to remember your visit and support the gallery and its mission.

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Artifakt Gallery believes in making art accessible, and our shop serves as a means to further that mission. Each purchase not only supports the gallery but also contributes to the broader recognition and appreciation of conflict zone art.

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Detailed information is provided for each item, including the story behind the artwork, artist details, and the significance of the piece within the context of conflict narratives.

We offer a user-friendly purchasing experience, with secure payment options and worldwide shipping. This ensures that no matter where you are, you can own a piece of Artifakt Gallery.

Venture into the Artifakt Gallery Shop, where the narratives of conflict and resilience can find a place in your home or office. Each purchase serves as a testament to the power of these narratives and the indomitable spirit they represent. By bringing a piece of Artifakt Gallery into your space, you become part of our mission to illuminate the human experience within conflict zones.