Press & Media

Artifakt Gallery’s Media & Press page stands as an invaluable tool for those operating within the media landscape.

Crafted to cater to the diverse needs of reporters, bloggers, and media professionals, this resource hub holds a wealth of information pertaining to our gallery and the potent narratives we showcase.

 The Press Dispatches section is your conduit to the latest news and announcements from our gallery. Be it a fresh exhibit, an upcoming event, or a new artist collaboration, our dispatches offer an in-depth look at Artifakt’s ongoing endeavors.

The Press Kit area provides a trove of downloadable, high-definition resources. These include striking images of our exhibits, artist portraits, gallery logos, and more, all designed to support the visual aspect of your media coverage.

artifakt-gallery-an elderly woman in Manila selling sampaguita
artifakt-gallery- Manila vendors

Our Media Coverage segment is a comprehensive compilation of articles, interviews, and features focusing on Artifakt Gallery, as reported by various media outlets. This segment enables a holistic view of the gallery’s recognition and discourse in the public domain.

Artifakt Gallery acknowledges the significance of clear, effective communication with the press. Our mission is to furnish comprehensive, precise, and timely information that supports and enhances media coverage.

 Each press dispatch is meticulously crafted to provide all pertinent information, inclusive of background details, relevant quotations, and contacts for further inquiries.

The resources in our press kit are of superior quality and offer a broad spectrum of options, fitting for a variety of article formats and platforms.

Regular updates to our Media Coverage section ensure a reflection of the most recent and relevant conversations about Artifakt Gallery.

artifakt gallery- children in Nepal students with a boy holding a soccer ball

We extend an invitation to media personnel to explore and make use of these resources. Artifakt Gallery remains steadfast in its commitment to work alongside the press in amplifying the understanding and awareness of conflict zone art. Together, we can illuminate these essential narratives and foster a more expansive dialogue on conflict, resilience, and the indomitable human spirit.