Lectures and Events

Artifakt Gallery is not simply a space for viewing art—it also serves as a vibrant hub for intellectual engagement and cultural exchange.

Our roster of lectures and events is designed to provoke thought, stimulate dialogue, and deepen understanding of the complex narratives that underpin conflict zone art.

Our Upcoming Events page provides a comprehensive schedule of all forthcoming activities. Whether it’s a lecture by a renowned historian, a panel discussion featuring conflict photographers, or a Q&A session with emerging artists, our patrons can keep abreast of all our engaging events.

The Past Events archive is a digital record of all the enriching activities that have taken place at Artifakt Gallery. From artist talks to film premieres, this resource ensures these significant events continue to resonate and inspire.

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Artifakt Gallery takes great pride in the diversity and caliber of our events. We strive to bring together voices from a variety of disciplines, each offering unique insights into the realm of conflict zone art.

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Detailed information about each event is provided, including speaker bios, topic summaries, and relevant background information. This equips our patrons with a rich context to enhance their experience and engagement.

Artifakt Gallery also offers the opportunity to participate in these events virtually. This extends our reach beyond geographical constraints, ensuring our lectures and events can engage, inspire, and provoke thought among a global audience.

We also provide the facility to book tickets or register for events directly from our website. This user-friendly approach ensures a seamless experience for our patrons, allowing them to focus on the enriching content at hand.

Join us at Artifakt Gallery for our thought-provoking lectures and events. Engage with diverse voices, delve deeper into the narratives of conflict, and challenge your perceptions. Through these encounters, we aspire to inspire dialogue, broaden understanding, and foster a deeper appreciation of conflict zone art. It is through such exchanges that we can hope to illuminate the path towards understanding and peace.