Artifakt Gallery Artist Grants

Elevating Conflict Zone Narratives

The Artifakt Gallery Artist Grants program is meticulously designed to support artists from conflict zones, offering a comprehensive range of services aimed at promoting their work on a global scale.

The services included in the grant are:

Media Engagement and PR Artifakt Gallery
Media Engagement and PR:
  • Development and execution of personalized media strategies.Crafting and distribution of press releases to targeted outlets.
  • Coordination of artist profiles and interviews in prestigious art publications and media outlets.
Art Promotion
Art Promotion:
  • Promotion across Artifakt Gallery’s digital platforms, including website and social media channels. 
  • Direct marketing to our established network of art collectors and enthusiasts.
Exhibit Opportunities Artifakt Gallery
Exhibit Opportunities:
  • Guaranteed inclusion in Artifakt Gallery’s curated live exhibitions.
  • Participation in virtual exhibitions, enhancing global reach and accessibility.
International Branding and Collaborative Partnerships
International Branding and Collaborative Partnerships:
  • Exclusive opportunities for collaboration with global brands, offering unique promotional avenues.
  • Strategic partnerships with NGOs, think tanks, and academic institutions aligned with the artist’s themes, facilitating broader engagement and impact.
These services collectively aim to amplify the voices and work of artists influenced by conflict, fostering a greater understanding and appreciation of their narratives worldwide.