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Bangsamoro Unveiled Artifakt Gallery

Bangsamoro Unveiled

Provides a comprehensive overview of the historical, political, and social evolution of the Bangsamoro region in the Philippines, detailing its journey from precolonial times to present challenges and prospects.

From Rido to Resilience Artifakt Gallery

From Rido to Resilience

Analyzes the evolution of clan feuding (rido) in Pikit, North Cotabato, its societal impact, challenges for women, and economic effects, and proposes solutions for sustainable peace.

Imperial Shadows Artifakt Gallery

Imperial Shadows

A detailed and distressing examination of the brutal human experiments and biological warfare conducted by Japan’s Unit 731 during World War II, highlighting the long-lasting impacts on warfare ethics and the troubling denial of these war crimes post-war.

Perseverance in Desolation Artifakt Gallery

Perseverance in Desolation

Explores the challenges in the fictional region of Happyland, focusing on poverty, healthcare, education, and urban development, and emphasizes the community’s resilience and efforts towards significant change.

The Quiet History of Southeast Asian Warfare Conflict Zone Art Artifakt Gallery

The Quiet History of Southeast Asian Warfare & Conflict Zone Art

“The Quiet History of Southeast Asian Warfare & Conflict Zone Art” reveals the intricate relationship between conflict and artistic expression in Southeast Asia, chronicling the region’s turbulent past and its reflection in the powerful narratives of art.
Warzone Machinations Artifakt Gallery

Warzone Machinations

“Warzone Machinations” by James Scott provides an in-depth exploration of the complex and illicit exploitation tactics, such as arms and drug trafficking, human trafficking, black market dealings, and cybercrime, used by nefarious actors in conflict zones and their global impact.