Privacy Policy and
Terms of Service

At Artifakt Gallery, we hold in high regard the sanctity of our patrons’ privacy and their entitlement to rights.

Our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service are designed to elucidate the protocols we adhere to in managing personal information and the regulations that govern our offerings.

The Privacy Policy page lays bare our practices concerning the collection, application, and safeguarding of your personal information. Transparency is a cornerstone of our operations, and our policy is sculpted to offer you an unambiguous understanding of our data handling processes.

The Terms of Service spell out the stipulations applicable when you utilize our services, whether it be physical gallery visits, virtual exhibit explorations, purchases from our store, or any interaction with Artifakt Gallery.

Artifakt Gallery stands unwavering in its pledge to sustain a safe and reliable milieu. Your privacy is respected, your trust is valued, and we strive incessantly to uphold superior standards of data protection and user entitlements.

Our Privacy Policy is comprehensive yet readily comprehensible, shedding light on our methodologies related to data acquisition, retention, and utilization. We also explicate your rights in relation to your personal data and the avenues to exercise them.

The Terms of Service are crafted to be as approachable as feasible, delineating the duties and rights of both Artifakt Gallery and its patrons.


We invite you to peruse our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

These documents serve as a reflection of our commitment to fostering an atmosphere of trust, respect, and transparency. Artifakt Gallery endeavors to ensure that every interaction you partake with us is secure, respectful of your privacy, and dictated by equitable and transparent terms.