The book Warzone Machinations by James Scott offers a detailed analysis of the various exploitation practices in war-torn areas.

Southeast Asian Warfare —This book delves into Southeast Asia’s complex history of warfare and conflict, as narrated through the lens of art.

Perseverance in Desolation presents a deep exploration of the complex challenges faced by the fictional region of Happyland.

Imperial Shadows by James Scott provides a harrowing account of the atrocities committed by Japan’s Unit 731 during World War II.

Bangsamoro Unveiled is an in-depth exploration of the complex history and evolving socio-political landscape of the Bangsamoro region.

From Rido to Resilience examines the intricate dynamics of rido (clan feuding) in Pikit, North Cotabato, and its widespread impact on society.

Ancient Narratives — Inscribed within the indomitable granite facades of Angkor Wat and Borobudur.. Author: James Scott the Philanthropist.

Nestled within the bustling urban expanse of Manila, a locale exists that captures the paradoxical essence of contemporary Filipino society. A place …

Stepping into the penumbra of our collective past, we tread upon the hushed remnants of stories half-told, half-hidden. In the silent obscurity …

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